Internet y la esfera pública

Con motivo de la publicación del libro The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World (Allen Lane, 2011), del pensador Evgeny Morozov, quien es un tanto escéptico del utopismo con el que muchos ven a Internet, el pasado 27 de enero la revista New Statesman lo entrevistó y, entre otras cosas, dejó claro en sus respuestas lo siguiente:

Do you think that the internet has revitalised the public sphere in the west?

There is this absurd assumption that the revitalisation of the public sphere is always a good thing. I think people tend to confuse “civic” and “civil”, and they believe that everything that is done by citizens is necessarily a good thing because you build a network, an association.

The Ku Klux Klan was also an association, but no one would have celebrated its contribution to civil society. The internet can empower groups whose aims are in fact antithetical to democracy.


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